How to Register for the HuskyBuy Bidding Portal Video

HuskyBuy and Jaggaer Registration for the Bidding Portal Instructions

CPFP Sourcing Event Instructions (How to complete an event)  These instructions are an excerpt from the Jaggaer Supplier Handbook for managing your Supplier Portal in HuskyBuy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I am already a supplier of UConn and when I try to make an account in the HuskyBuy Bidding Portal, the system tells me I already have an account.

A) The registration process is a two-step process. The first part is setting up an account in Jaggaer.  Once completed, a request is sent to the UConn HuskyBuy Team who will send an activation email to the company that links you to your Supplier Portal already in HuskyBuy.  This step completes the linking of your HuskyBuy Supplier Portal and the Bidding Portal.


 Q) Is there a file limitation when uploading documents into the HuskyBuy Bidding Portal?

A) File uploads in the event are limited to 50 mb per upload.  Under the Questions Tab, every questions is limited to one file upload to 50 mb.   If there is a need to upload more than one document under a question upload, then there are two options. 1) Combine all the documents required for the question answer and upload in one pdf document.  2)  Upload one document under the question and the additional documents, uploaded under the Supplier Attachment Tab.


Q) When trying to fill in the data required on the event, the system will not allow me to enter information.

A) Once the “Intent to Bid” to bid button located in the top right corner of the event is clicked on, questions can be answered and documents uploaded.


Q) Who sees the contractor’s company financials when they are submitted through the HuskyBuy Bidding Portal?

A) The Buyers setup the event with Confidential Company Financials. This allows strict access to the information which and if a person is not on that list setup by the Buyer in the system, then the person will not have access to the information and the word Confidential will appear anywhere Company Financials/Price would be displayed. This includes PDF documents that are given to evaluators of a prequalification.



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