Mission Statement

Capital Projects and Facilities Procurement (CPFP) will provide proactive, professionally managed leadership to prequalify, procure and contract with construction service professionals by providing appropriate solutions and acquisition strategies that support the mission of the University and embrace our partnership with our community.

Our Values

  • Act ethically and legally in compliance with all policies, regulations and laws
  • Act with pride, integrity and professionalism
  • Comply with the  State of CT General Statutes, Legislation and Public Acts
  • Follow Capital Projects and Facilities Procurement policies and procedures and those of the University
  • Be responsible and accountable for procurement performance goals and outcomes
  • Ensure the goals of the University are achieved through appropriate, compliant and sound prequalification, procurement and contracting processes
  • Function as an efficient and supportive team leader and ensure collaboration
  • Approach prequalification and procurement challenges with creativity, respecting the ideas of others
  • Balance the diverse needs and wants of the University against available resources

Success Definition and Measurement

Prequalification, Procurement and Contract performance goals and outcomes will be set and measured as follows:

  •  Cost – Procure projects of value within justifiable budgets
  •  Schedule – Ensure Construction related services are procured in a timely manner to support project schedules
  •  Program Performance – Prequalify, Procure and Contract with construction service firms that meet the expectations of the project, end user and other stakeholders while ensuring compliance with CT General Statutes, Legislation, and University Policy
  •  Documentation – Manage the prequalification, procurement and contracting so that all processes, progress, decisions, and outcomes are consistently documented, readily trackable and traceable