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CGS Sec. 32-9n Office of Small Business Affairs
CGS Sec. 4a-60 Nondiscrimination and affirmative action provisions in contracts of the state and political subdivisions other than municipalities
CGS Sec. 4a-60a Contracts of the state and political subdivisions, other than municipalities, to contain provisions re: nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
CGS Sec. 4a-60g Set-aside program for small contractors, minority business enterprises, individuals with disabilities and nonprofit corporations
CGS Sec. 4a-60h Administration of set-aside program
Access to competitive contracts outside of program guaranteed
CGS Sec. 46a-56 CHRO duties
CGS Sec. 4a-62 Minority Business Enterprise Review Committee.
CGS Sec. 46a-68 State affirmative action plans; filing; monitoring; reports; affirmative action officers; regulations
CGS Sec. 46a-68c Contractors required to file affirmative action plan
Certificate of compliance issued by CHRO
Revocation of Affirmative Action Plan
CGS Sec. 46a-68d Publics works contracts subject to affirmative action requirements
Conditional acceptance by commission
Advance filing of plan
2% Retainage language
CGS Sec. 46a-68e Contractors and subcontractors required to file compliance reports.
CGS Sec. 46a-68f Compliance reports to include labor union practices.
CGS Sec. 46a-68h Hearing re: noncompliance
CGS Sec. 46a-68j Regulations
Executive Order No. Three (June 16, 1971 – Meskill) – Non-discrimination clauses
Executive Order No. Three (December 15, 2004 – Rell) – Bid notifications on DAS Portal
Executive Order No. Sixteen (August 4, 1999 – Rowland) – Non-violence clauses
Executive Order No. Seventeen (February 15, 1973 – Meskill) – Labor Commission

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